Worth it Wednesday Episode 11

March 27, 2019

Welcome to Episode 11 of (Barely) Surviving Motherhood’s new segment Worth it Wednesday!

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On this episode, we talk about an awesome handy vacuum, what we’ve been watching and an awesome, easy way to remove your makeup!

Vacuum Link

What we’re watching-

Instant Family
Umbrella Academy

Erase Your Face Cloth Link


Past Promo Codes-
Code- SMP

Beddy’s Bedding

Surviving Motherhood Society 6 Store

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About us!

We're wives, moms and sister in laws living in the south. We spend a lot of our time (when we're not busy chasing children) talking and laughing about the #momlife. We decided to to start a podcast to share our giggles with other moms who can relate to the realness of motherhood!