Surviving motherhood is a podcast featuring Cris and Rachel. Two moms, sister in laws and friends who are navigating motherhood and just trying to survive together. Here you’ll find them talking through all the ups and downs of life and hopefully laugh, relate and maybe feel motivated along the way!

Hi, I’m Cris, a follower of Jesus, wife to Zack, mom of 4 boys and foster mom! Rachel and I wanted to create a podcast for moms, primarily to feel less alone! Loneliness can be one of the hardest things in motherhood and we want this podcast to make you walk away feeling like you’ve just had a girls night! We love to do interviews and give you as many tips as possible to navigate the world as a woman, wife, friend and most importantly a mom. I’m excited to meet you here on Mondays and survive (and thrive) this journey together!

Rachel is a wife, momma of two, and pet mom of two dogs and a cat. In her pre-baby days, she was an elementary teacher before she traded in her normal work day for stay at home mom life. Along the way, she’s added the title, photographer, to her list and enjoys capturing her kiddos (even though they don’t really return the excitement).